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Benefits of Counseling

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                       What are the benefits of counseling?

Why should I come to counseling? What am I going to get from it?

Counseling has been around for decades and when done by an experienced and professional counselor, can be very effective. 98% of couples who attended couples counseling reported a benefit in their relationships. A study by Rowland (2000) shows that people who have been in counseling are "significantly more likely to recover than those who are not in counseling." Another study where clients rated for themselves effectiveness of counseling, 86% found counseling "very helpful."


Counseling can effectively help in the following areas:

Improve Self-Esteem
Decrease Anger
Improve Focus
Improve Attention
Increase Effective Communication
Improve Behaviors
Increase Bonding and Attachment
Increase Choice Making
Improve Social Skills
Decrease Mental Health Barriers (such as depression or anxiety)
Increase Problem Solving

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